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Many people use internet and this is very important thing to use it always. You cannot communicate with others or maintain your development until you use internet. Using internet in smartphone and tablet PC is very expensive if you use internet based on mobile operator. But most of the routers use Wi-Fi option and it is very important thing to use Wi-Fi internet. Wi-Fi internet is wireless internet connection and it is cheap. Many people use smartphone and other devices where they use Wi-Fi internet. Because by the Wi-Fi internet, people can use internet in multiple devices together. Now you must get Wi-Fi internet in public places. You should setup Wi-Fi connection in your home.
If you want to setup Wi-Fi connection, then you need to purchase a router. You can choice any router which is sufficient cover your area and devices. There are some router brands like Airnet, Philips, planet, Senao, Zyxel etc. You can purchase any router. Those routers are not available in many countries and if you find any of the router in your region, then you can buy. Those routers may not be cheap but those are good enough. You should learn something related with troubleshooting and router settings. If you do not know how to fix router, then you cannot solve the problem.
All of the above routers (Airnet, Philips, planet, Senao, Zyxel etc.) come with a manual and you need to read the router manual. In the router manual, you will get the default IP address, default username and default password. Those routers use IP address and this IP address is very valuable for its users. With the IP address, you can check the router connectivity. This is why, you need to know the default IP address. You will all of those information in the router manual or in additional paper of the router.
With the ping, you need to use IP address and for those routers, you have to use IP address There are two types of ping command. One is called “a ping” and another is called “continuous ping.” The continuous ping command is “ping -better than the “a ping” command “ping”. The continuous ping command saves time than the “a ping.” The continuous ping command carries more information than “a ping” and you will get all of the information of “a ping.” Many experts prefer to use the “continuous ping”.
The correct ping command is “ping -t”. If you put wrong IP address in the command, then you will error message. You should know the correct default IP address of the router. When you type the wrong command in the CMD, then you will get error message. If you type “ -t”, then you must get error. In this command “ping” word is missing and this is why, it does not form the continuous ping command. When you type the correct ping command “ping -t”, then you will see to responded by the Command prompt.
Now you can identify the router problem easily by the continuous ping command. This is very easy to identify the router problem by the Ping continuous command. In the continuous ping command, you will see result of the router and computer communication of every second and you can stop the continuity with the command. But a ping command does not continue. A ping command will be stopped auto. You do not need to worry. A ping command is “ping” and you will see summery but continuous ping will not be stopped. You have to order to show summery of the command.
Above ping command is “a ping” “ping -t”. The continuous ping command is written as “ping -t”. But if you are unsure about the default IP address. Then you can use “ipconfig” command. If you want to use that ping command, then you need to use command prompt page. Still if you do not know where the command will be used, then you should know that you should open Command prompt page. You just run CMD from the start menu and make sure that you have opened Command prompt (admin). You can use now “ipconfig” and press enter button. Now you will see default gateway and the IP address of the router.
By the Ping commands you must get some information and you need to understand all of theose information. You will get all of the information from the “ping” and “ping -t”. But by the continuous ping command, you will get more information and you should know detail of the report. So, you can easily fix the router problem or you can identify the problem at least.
You will get report continuously “reply from, byte=, time=, TTL=” for the IP address or you may get “Request timed out” report if anything is wrong or you may also get “…. Request timed out: Destination host unreachable” report. However, there are some other reasons to receive such types of report or messages. The report you will get continuously message from the continuous ping. If connection is Ok, then you will get message “reply from, byte=*, time=*, TTL=*” and you will understand available ability of the connection or you will get reply from the router or networking devices. So, you can identify the connection between router and computer stability. So, it is very easy to solve router problem and check connection.
When you stop the continuous ping command process, then you will see summery. But before that you should know about the constant report.
“Request timed out” means that the connection of the router is not available. You should check all cables (power and Ethernet). If those cables are ok, then you should your computer settings or you can change all of the cables. You should check the router in other computer to know the device has been working or not.
“Destination host unreachable” message comes from the router when the IP address that you have used in the ping command does not support. It may happen that you have used wrong IP address with the ping command. That is why, the computer cannot identify the router.
“Unknown host” message also arrive from the similar reason to use wrong IP address in with the ping command or the router is not connected.
The router manual is very important thing and every user should read the manual. If they need more information and more support, then they can browser other websites and blogs to know more information. If they like more clear information, then they can use YouTube site for video tutorial and video guide.